Evelyn Huber - Harp

AUDIOBOOK Alpensagen


AUDIOBOOK Alpensagen


Quadro Nuevo

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01. Es war einmal in einem finstern Tal
02. Das Wettersteiner Mandl
03. Das Männle mit der Kraftwurzel
04. Die Fee vom Höllental
05. Die zwei Schwirzer von Schleching
06. Die wilde Jagd

Evelyn Huber - Harp

Alpine Tales (Audio book) - Between the mountain and the valley

with the music of Quadro Nuevo
spoken by Luise Kinseher, Jockel Tschiersch and Richard Oehmann
rewritten by Julia Schölzel

Selected Alpine tales newly narrated in a colourful and witty musical framework. Quadro Nuevo goes alpine folk music, so to speak, something the musicians clearly had a lot of fun with. Quaint stories of nasty witches, daring smuggler lads, seductive mountain fairies and the mysterious little man the potent root... The yarns that one used to tell on cosy evenings together in the parlour are brought to life again by the narrational talents of the actors and comedians. There, where the words end, the music takes over keeping the stories alive in the minds and hearts of big and small listeners alike.

But beware: local upper Bavarian and Allgäuer dialects used in part lend the audiobook liveliness and color. There’s no guarantee that everyone will be able understand everything (especially the more northern listeners).

A collaboration of BR2 Broadcasting Service, Quadro Nuevo and author Julia Schölzel
Audiobook: Words (German language) & Music, 57 minutes

Audiobook Evelyn Huber and Quadro Nuevo: Alpensagen
Audiobook Evelyn Huber and Quadro Nuevo: Alpensagen
Hörbuch Evelyn Huber und Quadro Nuevo: Alpensagen
Hörbuch Evelyn Huber und Quadro Nuevo: Alpensagen
Hörbuch Evelyn Huber und Quadro Nuevo: Alpensagen

Evelyn Huber: Harp, Hammered Dulcimer
Mulo Francel: Saxophones, clarinets, Mandoline
Andreas Hinterseher: Accordion, Vibrandoneon
D.D. Lowka: Acoustic Bass, Percussion

Luise Kinseher, Richard Oehmann, Jockel Tschiersch

Evelyn Huber - Harp
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