Evelyn Huber Portrait mit Harfe

To hear Evelyn Huber on solo harp is an unforgettable experience in sound, passionate and fiery, meditative and ethereal at the same time. 

Inspired by tango, jazz, expressionism and the Latin American joie de vivre, she has developed a unique music style all her own, carried by her sunny temperament and dedication to her music.

The recipient of the Bavarian Culture Prize and two-time winner of the Echo (“Best Live Act of the year“ with Quadro Nuevo) jams, hums, buzzes, whistles and swings on the harp, effortlessly allowing it to resonate with exquisitely woven melodies at a stunning pace. Flirtatious at times, it then seduces us with the most tender and angelic of strings. With charm, technical perfection and boundless enthusiasm, Evelyn Huber draws an unprecedented range of soundscapes from this wonderful instrument.

Evelyn Huber studied harp as a student of Helga Storck, graduating with a Master’s degree from the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater” in Munich where she subsequently taught harp from 1998 to 2009. In 2007 she was appointed visiting professor at the Guildhall School of Music in London.

Evelyn began early on to cross conventional musical boundaries, continuing to sound out the possibilities presented by the grand concert harp. Jazz workshops in the United States, concert activities with various ensembles around the world as well as her solo performances have made her a virtuoso in the genres of jazz and world music.

The extraordinary mastery of the harp with which she became known around the world has now been brought to the music of Quadro Nuevo, of which she was a member from 2008 to 2020. In 2010 and 2011, the ensemble was presented with the German Music Award in the category “Live Act of the Year”.

Evelyn Huber has also been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards including the Bavarian Cultural Award and has been presented with the Jazz Award of the German Phonographic Industry a number of times.


Evelyn Huber - Harfe

Evelyn Huber


Since 2020 engaging in a variety of projects ranging from solo to soloist with orchestra



Diskografie (Auswahl)

2023   NIEBLA   – Schimmer Trio
2023   SHERPA   – Evelyn Huber & Matthias Frey
2023   JOY   – Evelyn Huber & Philharmonie Salzburg (GLM)
2021   Calm   – Evelyn Huber Harfe Solo (GLM)
2019   Para un mejor mundo – Evelyn Huber & Sirius Quartet (GLM)
2019   Volkslied Reloaded – Quadro Nuevo & Münchner Rundfunkorchester (Sony Classical)
2019   Alles ist Windhauch – Hörbuch Quadro Nuevo & Ulrike Kriener (Patmos)
2018   Goethes persische Reise Hörbuch Quadro Nuevo (GLM)
2017   Alpensagen 2   – Von Hexen, Geistern und Rittern. Hörbuch Quadro Nuevo (GLM)
2017   Flying Carpet – Quadro Nuevo & Cairo Steps (GLM)
2016   Music for Christmas Nights – Quadro Nuevo & Münchner Symphoniker (GLM)
2016   Inspire   – Evelyn Huber, Matthias Frey, Christopher Herrmann, Ramesh Shotham, Wolfgang Lohmeier (GLM)
2016   Alpensagen   – Zwischen Berg & Tal – Hörbuch (GLM)
2015   Lieben Sie Tango? – Hörbuch Quadro Nuevo (GLM)
2015   Tango   – Quadro Nuevo (GLM)
2013   Bethlehem   – Quadro Nuevo (GLM)
2013   End of the Rainbow   – Quadro Nuevo & NDR Orchester (GLM)
2011   Somerville Samba – Evelyn Huber Harfe solo ( GLM)
2011   In Concert – Quadro Nuevo (GLM)
2011   Schöne Kinderlieder – Quadro Nuevo (GLM)
2010   Grand Voyage – DVD Quadro Nuevo (GLM)
2010   Grand Voyage – Quadro Nuevo (GLM)
2009   Der König hat gelacht – Hörbuch Quadro Nuevo (GLM)
2007   Lauschgold   – Evelyn Huber, Martina Eisenreich & Wolfgang Lohmeier (GLM)
2002   Zapf'nstreich MMII – (Pantaleon)
2001   Tango Lyrico – Evelyn Huber & Mulo Francel (GLM)
2000   Irish & Klezmer   – Evelyn Huber & Rudi Zapf (Pantaleon)
1998   Rendezvous   – Evelyn Huber & Mulo Francel (GLM)
1998   Löwenzahn   – Evelyn Huber & Rudi Zapf (Pantaleon)
1996   Zapf'nstreich MCMXCVI – (Pantaleon)
1991  Musikalische Weltreise – Evelyn Huber, Ingrid Huber-Zapf & Rudi Zapf (Trikont)





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