Evelyn Huber - Harp

Quadro Nuevo

Evelyn Huber mit Quadro Nuevo

Quadro Nuevo is the European answer to the Argentine tango.
Arabesques, Balkan swing, ballads, daredevil improvisations, the melodies of old Europe and the lightness of the Mediterranean merge into fabulous songs full of joyous colour.

These melodies tell of the vagabond life, of experiences and encounters on this great journey of life, of small coincidences and great moments, of tenderness and wild temperament driven between the winds of east and west, caught between consuming yearning and joyful fulfilment – between the bitter and the sweet.

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Evelyn Huber - Harp


Evelyn Huber with inspire

From the moment ...

Evelyn Huber:
Matthias Frey: Grand Piano
Christopher Herrmann: Cello
Ramesh Shotham: Percussion

Music for the inner cinema - an exciting musical journey!
Four acoustic instruments - four very different musical personalities, inspiring each other with their unconventional ways of playing. A special chamber music, evoking powerfully subtle dreamlike images. In creative dialogue, listening, together. Silence & fire. An evening of musical sensuality.
The quartet’s first CD "inspire" will be released by GLM Music in September 2016.

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Evelyn Huber - Harp

Evelyn Huber & Mulo Francel

Evelyn Huber mit Mulo Francel

Evelyn Huber: Harp
Mulo Francel: Saxophone

AVENTURE for Harp & Saxophone
The virtuoso world music harpist Evelyn Huber and her bandmate Mulo Francel, both colleagues in the band Quadro Nuevo as well, embark on a magical adventure.

Saxophone and harp
Saxophone and harp, two seemingly opposite characters, merge to create unimagined soundscapes: ballads and bossa nova, tango and waltz, whimsical spice songs, improvisations and melodies from old Europe.

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Evelyn Huber - Harp

Evelyn Huber & Ulrike Kriener

Evelyn Huber with Ulrike Kriener

A reading with music!

„Und wenn es Liebe wär´ …? (And if it was love …?)"

The stories of Doris Dörrie, Anna Gavalda and Elke Heidenreich describe men and women, insecure, cautious, hesitant, watching themselves and who, with irony and humor, keep on searching. Still… and again and again …

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Evelyn Huber - Harp

Evelyn Huber Solo

Evelyn Huber Harfe

To hear Evelyn Huber on solo harp is an unforgettable experience in sound,  passionate and fiery, meditative and ethereal at the same time.

Inspired by tango, jazz, expressionism and the Latin American joie de vivre, she has developed a unique music style all her own, carried by her sunny temperament and dedication to her music

The recipient of the Bavarian Culture Prize and two-time winner of the Echo (with Quadro Nuevo) jams, hums, buzzes, whistles and swings on the harp, effortlessly allowing it to resonate with exquisitely woven melodies at a stunning pace. Flirtatious at times, it then seduces us with the most tender and angelic of strings.

With charm, technical perfection and boundless enthusiasm, Evelyn Huber draws an unprecedented range of soundscapes from this wonderful instrument.

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Evelyn Huber - Harp
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