Evelyn Huber - Harp

CD Grand Voyage

Grand Voyage

CD Grand Voyage


Quadro Nuevo

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Evelyn Huber: Harfe, Salterio
Mulo Francel: Saxophone, Klarinetten, Psalter
D.D. Lowka: Kontrabass, Percussion
Andreas Hinterseher: Akkordeon, Vibrandoneon, Bandoneon
Robert Wolf: Gitarre

01. Die Reise nach Batumi - recorded in Istanbul - 5:57
 02. Cançao do Mar - recorded in Israel - 2:29
 03. Cien Años - recorded in The Alps - 3:16
 04. Krim - recorded in Ukraine - 5:36
05. Samba para Parapente - recorded on Corsica - 5:20
 06. Aus der Stille der Nacht - recorded in Hungary - 5:15
 07. Nature Boy - recorded in New York - 5:06
 08. Die Abenteurer - recorded in London - 4:11
 09. Lethe - recorded in Tallinn - 6:34
 10. Antakya - recorded in Antakya - 6:37
11. Meteora - recorded in Greece - 4:33
 12. Secret Garden - recorded in Kuala Lumpur - 2:26
 13. - 15. Mosaïque Tunisienne - recorded in Tunisia - 8:25
16. Goaz boq Muzik - recorded in Transylvania - 3:52
 17. Dopo lo Spettacolo - recorded in Munich - 4:00
 18. Die Reise nach Batumi (orchestra version) - recorded at NDR Hannover - 5:34

Evelyn Huber - Harp

Songs of a Grand Voyage. Each one of Quadro Nuevo’s songs transports us to a different part of the world and carries within it the pure atmosphere of that particular place.

A wild ride across the harsh Crimean peninsula, London’s old world charm, the lightness of the Mediterranean, a Tango from New York, crazy days in Istanbul, a night of revelry in Transylvania, secret gardens in Malaysia, warm rain in Paris.

But sometimes even the most arduous of journeys doesn’t bring us to where we want to be and the tone poem Die Reise nach Batumi (Journey to Batumi) is, above all, a story of that which is denied us. What remains is longing.

Quadro Nuevo CD Grand Voyage
Quadro Nuevo CD Grand Voyage
Quadro Nuevo CD Grand Voyage

Four suitcases full of melodies, bursting with impressions and encounters, overflowing with exhilarating experiences and the joy of making music.

Evelyn Huber - Harp
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