Evelyn Huber - Harp

CD Somerville Samba

Somerville Samba

CD Somerville Samba


Evelyn Huber Solo

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 01. Black Orpheus - Louis Bonfi - 3:59
02. Aquatintes/ Coloured Water - Bernard Andrès / Evelyn Huber - 7:11
 03. Glenlivet - trad./ arr. Evelyn Huber - 3:27
 04. Fata Morgana - Uschi Laar - 5:53
05. Somerville Samba - Evelyn Huber - 4:06
 06. Rozinkes mit Mandeln - Abraham Goldfaden - 2:24
07. Tucson Inspirations - Evelyn Huber - 2:26
 08. Irish Concerto - Turlough O'Carolan - 2:07
 09. Sarabande - Nino Rota - 4:48
 10. Toccata - Nino Rota - 2:43
 11. Berceuse Russe - Marcel Tournier - 3:03
 12. Georgia on my Mind - Hoagy Carmichel - 3:34

Evelyn Huber - Harp

To hear Evelyn Huber on solo harp is an unforgettable experience in sound, passionate and fiery, meditative and ethereal at the same time. Inspired by tango, jazz, expressionism and the Latin American joie de vivre, she has developed a unique music style all her own, carried by her sunny temperament and dedication to her music.

The recipient of the Bavarian Culture Prize and two-time winner of the Echo (with Quadro Nuevo) jams, hums, buzzes, whistles and swings on the harp, effortlessly allowing it to resonate with exquisitely woven melodies at a stunning pace. Flirtatious at times, it then seduces us with the most tender and angelic of strings.

Evelyn Huber Harfe solo Somerville Samba
Evelyn Huber Harfe solo Somerville Samba

With charm, technical perfection and boundless enthusiasm, Evelyn Huber draws an unprecedented range of music from her instrument.

Evelyn Huber - Harp
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