CD Flying Carpet

CD Flying Carpet

Flying Carpet


Quadro Nuevo


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Mulo Francel Saxophone, Clarinets
Dietmar Lowka Acoustic Bass, Percussion
Andreas Hinterseher Accordion
Evelyn Huber Harp, Dulcimer

Cairo Steps
Basem Darwisch Oud
Sebastian Müller-Schrobsdorff Piano
Max Klass Percussion
Stefan Hergenröder Acoustic Bass
Rageed William Nay, Duduk

Ali El Helwabi Vocal
Sheikh Ehab Younis Vocal
Ragy Kamal Kanu
Ines Abdeldaiem Flute
Hani Alsawaf Tabla
Jan Boshra Cello

Evelyn Huber - Harfe
Quadro Nuevo meets Cairo Steps & musical guests from Egypt
An exotic, inspiring and sweeping sound experience. Music as a magic carpet, crossing all boundaries of time, politics and religion.

Two renowned bands – the ECHO-winning ensemble Quadro Nuevo and Cairo Steps, an international Sufi world music group – come together in an electrifying mix of classical Arabic music, oriental tango, hypnotic grooves, jazz and improvisation.

Quadro Nuevo
Quadro Nuevo
Quadro Nuevo

Further guests from Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean will be welcomed onto the stage as well, making these hand-picked joint concerts an even more unique experience. At least ten thoroughbred musicians from Cairo and Cologne, Baghdad and Bavaria have joined together to form a boldly adventurous World Music alliance.

The Flying Carpet project is, however, much more than the sum of its parts. Meditative sounds and powerfully harmonious passages create a compelling momentum that is impossible to resist. The magic carpet takes flight. Driven between eastern and western winds, it floats through soundscapes as yet undiscovered. We are carried away: through the ground fog of trivial every day worries and concerns. Over all cultural and ideological boundaries. Above the deep trenches of seemingly irresolvable conflict.

Quadro Nuevo
Quadro Nuevo
Quadro Nuevo
It was at a concert in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt that Quadro Nuevo and Cairo Steps first met. In their mutual enthusiasm, it was clear to all that this was a cross-genre project well worth continuing. And this dream has now come true!

After travelling together throughout Egypt and playing in the opera houses of Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhur in January 2017, the musicians released their joint album Flying Carpet.

About their concerts they say: „Although we come from different cultural backgrounds, we stand together on stage with great respect for each other as friends. It is our vision to create with our music moments that can build a bridge between the Occident and the Orient. A magical ride together on the flying carpet!“

Evelyn Huber - Harfe
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