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Evelyn Huber: Harp, Salterio
Mulo Francel: Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Guitar
Andreas Hinterseher: Bandoneon, Vibrandoneon
D.D. Lowka: Bass, Percussions
Chris Gall: Piano

Evelyn Huber - Harfe

Quadro Nuevo has always played tango. But things are different now – the days in Buenos Aires changed everything.
Inspired by Argentinian musicians, famous dancers and wonderful people, the nostalgic atmosphere of the dance halls and the zeitgeist of a 15-million metropolis can be heard in every note – this is pure tango.

Over the course of the past 19 years, the world music band has toured the globe and received the ECHO twice. Tango has always been part of their repertoire but now they wanted to know: what really is authentic Argentinian tango?

So in January they packed up their instruments: no tour this time, but an extended expedition into the Buenos Aires summer.
They moved into an old villa in the city, rehearsing daily in the shimmering midday heat, then swarmed out in the evening, diving head over heels into the nocturnal scene, rubbing elbows with Argentinian musicians, accompanying dancers; they encountered famous tangueros and crazy street poets, talked until dawn and got drunk on heady wine and real tango fresh from the source. All of these experiences merged into their music, culminating in the new Quadro Nuevo-Album „TANGO !“

Evelyn Huber and Quadro Nuevo: TANGO
Evelyn Huber and Quadro Nuevo: TANGO
Evelyn Huber and Quadro Nuevo: TANGO

This time there are five Quadro Nuevos: Besides the traditional tango instruments bandoneon and double bass, the band is augmented by pianist Chris Gall. Added to the mix are an expressively singing saxophone and a spirited, vivacious concert harp.

NB: The Album Quadro Nuevo: TANGO is available as CD and as double Vinyl

More about the time spent in Buenos Aires:

A concert every evening with at least one dance Milonga. Most important: the encounters, the conversations, making music together.
The director whose film 'El ultimo Aplauso' is one of the most moving films about today’s tango.
Roberto Herrera and his companion Laura, masterful dancers who have devoted their lives to the tango and who “test danced” the music of Quadro Nuevo – a true tango experiment.
The emotional encounter in the Belle Epoque dance hall 'Confiteria Ideal' with Lily and Horacio, who danced the fever of passion, the pain of love and the seductions of a lifetime with such intensity.

Sessions with musicians, famous and less famous, all possessed by tango in all of its different facets. And meeting the magnificent Sexteto Mayor.

A street poet who played guitar like one possessed, danced like a god and later, with a glass of wine and a cigarette, recited his poetry in the balmy late night air: El tiempo no existe - there is no such thing as time.

And always the search for traces of Astor Piazzola, the bandoneon virtuoso and grand master of tango. He was ridiculed, misunderstood and threatened for breaking with tradition, for seemingly robbing the people of their beloved tango and giving it back transformed. How can we approach his music without merely copying it? How can we let him inspire us?

Evelyn Huber and Quadro Nuevo: TANGO
Evelyn Huber and Quadro Nuevo: TANGO

And finally, the band’s personal highlight: the Quadro Nuevo concert in the 120 year-old tango club 'Los Laureles'.

In 19 years of life on the road, Quadro Nuevo has been on a quest for the true soul of tango. And now it is found!

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