CD Tango Lyrico

CD Tango Lyrico

Tango Lyrico


Evelyn Huber & Mulo Francel


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Evelyn Huber: Harp
Mulo Francel: Saxophone, Clarinette

Evelyn Huber - Harfe

For thousands of years, the sound of the harp has played an important role in the music of almost all cultures. But it is in jazz that the saxophone first found its voice as the epitome of individual expressiveness.

While the stringed instrument seems to be moved to captivating tenderness by the hands of angels, the loud and sometimes raucous sound of the wind instrument, can, at times awaken diabolical associations with Hermann Hesse's Steppenwolf.

Evelyn Huber & Mulo Francel Tango Lyrico
Evelyn Huber & Mulo Francel Tango Lyrico

For the past 15 years, Mulo Francel, Quadro Nuevo'screative whirlwind, and his accomplished world-class band colleague, harpist Evelyn Huber have shunned all clichés and drawn creatively from the potential of their instruments. The breathiness and bold melancholy of the saxophone couples with the rhythmic and temperamental sound of the harp to create a chamber music that is unparalleled. Finely woven harmonies merge with tempestuous musical cascades, elegiac soundscapes alternate with intimate musical close-ups.

Honoured with the German Jazz Award.

Evelyn Huber - Harfe
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