LP Inspire (Vinyl)

LP Inspire (Vinyl)

Inspire (Vinyl)


Evelyn Huber Solo


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Evelyn Huber: Harp
Matthias Frey: Grand Piano
Christopher Herrmann: Cello
Ramesh Shotham: Percussion
Wolfgang Lohmeier: Percussion

Evelyn Huber - Harfe
“Inspire” is the name of the new CD by Evelyn Huber and the twelve tracks on the album are truly inspired indeed!

In spite of her busy concert schedule, world musician Evelyn Huber, recipient of the Bavarian Government’s Culture Award,“Bayrischer Kulturpreis“, and who, as part of the formation “Quadro Nuevo“ has twice been awarded the coveted Echo, has found time to explore new solo paths with her extraordinary instrument. And those paths are unique, unusual and surprising.

Evelyn Huber inspire

With “Inspire”, Huber has created an entirely new soundscape, featuring her harp as its harmonic centre. In Matthias Frey on grand piano and Christopher Herrmann on cello, she has found two extremely empathetic musicians who bring their own unique colours to the project. Supplemented by Ramesh Shotham and Wolfgang Lohmeier on percussion, a musical work of art was created, far removed from any prevailing listeners’ expectations. For almost an hour we are irresistibly drawn into Huber’s meandering, sometimes rhythmically driving, then boundary-resolving, sweeping and enchanted musical story. For the artist it is essential that the pieces not be regarded in isolation: they are inseparable and seem to embrace one another without constricting. They exert an ever tighter hold on the listener, protecting and soothing. This is an album that combines large amplitudes almost recklessly. Poetic and tender, as well as dynamic and often unexpectedly powerful for a harp.

Evelyn Huber Harfe solo inspire
Evelyn Huber Harfe inspire

Original compositions are more and more important, says the musician. And on “Inspire” these are given the platform they deserve. Evelyn Huber’s compositions are complemented by pieces composed by Frey and Herrmann, works which blend wonderfully into the overall fabric of the CD. The compositions often emerged from quiet and concentration, says Huber. Lightweight and unplanned, they seem intuitive and fired by emotion and passion rather than by constricting or creativity-undermining concepts.

“Inspire” is the passion and lifeblood of an unconventional musician burned on to a CD, a musician unafraid to explore unseen worlds with her instrument. Ultimately, there is no reason to avoid the musical embrace of “Inspire”. And the beauty of it is: you won’t want to.

Evelyn Huber - Harfe
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